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Christy Collingham

Christy is a seasoned facilitator and speaker. Christy uses a process that takes on adaptive change by focusing on the problem longer than the solution. This approach lets individuals remove mental barriers to change and ends up allowing change to show up, be real, and stick around. She jokingly refers to herself as the un-motivational speaker as the work she does is with the ucky-mucky side of goal setting - the "WHY NOT". Christy's approach is based on a program called Immunity to Change. ITC was developed at Harvard using over 20 years of research in adult development. It was recommended by Oprah's Top 10 things to do and is used in corporations around the world to support their firm's culture. Her experience over 7 years of group and individual coaching led Christy to train as a master facilitator with Dan Dorr and Associates before discovering ITC. Christy has extensive coaching training though she finds the results so good with ITC that it’s her 'go to move'. ITC can support with a variety of goals. Some examples are leadership, communication, health and wellness, time management, networking, confidence and marketing.